What the F**k is a Startup Scribble?

Have you even been out and thought of an idea?

Phone is dead flat, haven’t got a notepad with you

Next thing you know you’ve got this extraordinary idea, a calculated plan complete with strategies and little diagrams all standing proud and fitting on a humble Maccas napkin?

That’s what the idea of a Startup Scribble is.

I started this website with the idea of documenting my own Startup Scribble.

I then realised that maybe my kids might wanna read it one day so it gave me that extra kick to succeed, I’m doing this for them. Lot’s of people give up on their dreams when they have kids, but I’m flipping that, because I had an epiphany one night out of nowhere. Instead of giving up, I could actually SHOW them firsthand how to achieve your goals. Just the thought of this concept has given me so much motivation to succeed.

I mean, think about it,  what does that teach the kids if they see their own parents give up trying to succeed?

That’s pretty much much where I’m at now. I’ve got the ambition, still not sure if I’ve even got the capabilities though, haha

Let’s see how far I can make it.



Who the F**k am I?

Now that is an interesting question…

Who the f**k am I…?

Let me take a moment to figure this out.




Feel free to reach out and tell me what I'm doing wrong.