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How I started my Lead Gen thing

This one is an interesting story. I wrote about how I got the idea here, It all started when I was sitting outside my kids school after work waiting to pick them up. When I finally got around to implementing my idea, I first built my site following a few youtube tutorials I found. It was quite easy really, probably the easiest part. The part where I struggled (and still do a little at the time of writing) is with the CRM software in order to keep track of what’s going on. Not to mention cold contacting potential clients. That’s the part that I’m fearing the most.

So once I had my site built and running, I did a little keyword research and managed to rank my site on the first page of google for the main keyword within 3 about months. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds in writing though. I had no idea what I was doing the entire time.  (still don’t really) I was just doing what I think would based on how I understood SEO at the time. Basically I was just absolutely terrified that I was just wasting my time for 3 months. The days were long, depressing and the doubt was trying it’s best to take over. I remember thinking ‘fuck it, what am I doing, this is a stupid idea just quit. Then I would snap back into it and be rational again thinking I have to keep going since I paid for the hosting and domain and if it’s going to sit there anyway I might as well use it.

So anyway, I got it to the point it was ranking on the first page and now I knew the day I dreaded was getting closer. I had to start contacting potential clients. I was stuck at this point. I needed something to push me over the edge. I began looking for podcasts on how to overcome this barrier I was putting in front of myself. I was stuck in this state for weeks. I eventually come across the good old  Uncle G himself,  The Cardone Zone podcasts. At first I was like “I dunno bout this shit” But I found him to be quite uplifting, I would be at work listening to them all day. They were hyping me up, giving me ideas I never thought of etc. The next thing I know I’m I just happen to check my junk emails and what do I see, there’s an email from one of my lead capture forms but for some reason I couldn’t see the message. It just had a [name] [email] [description]

Huh, WTF.

Hmm, I go to the backend of the site. Ah crap, I was using the Contact Form 7 plugin and for some reason it doesn’t automatically store the messages. You need to install another plugin called Flamingo to do this. I hadn’t done this. Damn it. Which means once they are sent to email if the details don’t come through they are lost forever. I decided I better check my junk emails a bit more regularly. I also installed Flamingo that same day.

The next day I’m going about my day at work I decided to check my junk mails on a toilet break, what do I see, there’s another email from a lead sitting there. I thought to myself I will tend to this lead as soon as I finish work. An hour later [DING] I get a message on my phone. I look down and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a genuine organic lead. The seed I planted had begun to sprout.

My heart raced. Shit. Its game on now,  I thought. This is the push I needed. I’ve got the customer, now I just needed someone to deliver the service to them. I gained a little confidence by knowing the fact that I already had some leads I could use to prove myself to the potential client.

I raced home from work that day eager to sort this out asap. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I knew I had to sort out something before I lost the lead. I got home and paced around wondering how the hell am I going to get this ball rolling.

Now let me just mention the day before this episode I was listening to an Uncle G podcast about commitment. It was episode number ( ) if I remember correctly. During this podcast he made clear about the impact proper commitment can have. He recited the story about how he bought and sold some fish one time after he went fishing. The point being that he had to fully commit to sell the fish because the ice was melting. He needed instant results. He managed to sell all the fish. The lesson was there. He became the example itself. Proper commitment stimulates instant results. Yes, I mean in an instant. Like right there right now.

Well this advice turned out to be the best advice I’ve ever received. When I got home that afternoon that was the only thing that was racing through my head. Commit, Commit, Commit. I needed a customer and I needed one right now. I needed to put my offer in front of lots of people at the same time. The only choice I had was to use social media put myself and my offer out there. The day had come.

I found my local facebook group. I thought it’s worth a shot. I go to the page I check the rules for posting about business etc… I see they have a rule where you are only allowed to make business advertising posts on Wednesdays. I double check what day it is… It’s a Wednesday. Fuck yeah I thought. This is a sign, It is my cue. It was now or never. I made the post. I took a deep breathe and clicked submit. The anxiety had was instantly relieved. I put my phone in my pocket and thought now it the time of truth. I was strangely calm.

I couldn’t believe it. It fucken worked. It was like magic, the result was instantaneous, literally 30 seconds later I get a message request from a local contractor. I messaged back instantly and and briefly explained my offer. He was keen to arrange a meeting after that. We arranged a meeting for that weekend. That meeting turned out to be successful. I now had my first client.





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