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Back to the Drawing Board.


Well, I’m still here fighting and kicking. I made a promise to myself to never give up. I will succeed in this venture no matter what it takes.

So since the last post I had a few realisations. I had no framework to follow. I was just basically winging it by look at others and somewhat emulating them without understanding the method behind the madness. Because of that I was getting little results and that was leading me feeling like it’s not worth it and I could feel myself slowly becoming a little depressed. Yes, I can’t lie, to be completely honest, I felt like giving up.

So here I was back on the facebook timeline again. I think I was at work on my lunch break, doomscrolling out of pity for myself. Literally wondering if this is even worth it, I remember feeling somewhat envious of others success. This when I first seen one of Brandon Nguyen ads. I don’t know it was about this guy, but there was something about him that drew me to continue listening. It was some sort of authenticity that kinda fascinated me. I had a brief moment of clarity and inspiration. I felt a slight bit of excitement surge through my body. I can definitely do this I thought.  I bought his mini course that day right there and then.

I decided to throw away everything I thought I knew about dropshipping and start again with complete faith using Brandon’s course as my secret weapon to guide me through.

I’ve pretty much spent the entire time since then apart from work and kids studying the course… I managed to rebuild and add certain elements to my site that really makes a difference in my opinion. I did it differently this time. In my head I imagined my site as a race car. My Ads account was the track,  I tinkered and tinkered until I had it fully tuned according to the things I learned in the course, the only difference being. I wasn’t using Shopify I was determined to make this work using WordPress. How else can I claim to be the wordpress for ecom guy.

Once I tuned it up I launched it down the ads track for a few hot laps. I wanted to see what would happen this time.


Well after wrestling with Facebook ads for a few days, I was wondering why after launched the ad I had no traffic at all…

The idiot that I am realised I set the audience to website visitors only which means it was only sending ads to those who had been there before, which was no-one…

After a quick crash course I finally think I fixed it, problem is waiting for the ads to be reviewed every single change… let’s see what happens now…


Ok after an entire week I finally managed to figure out why the ad isn’t spending.

First Up

#1 – I’m an idiot.

(The answer was right in front of me the whole time)

screenshot displaying my stupidity
Somehow I managed to miss this page for an entire week

What the problem ended up being was the Audiences like I first thought. I thought I fixed it the first time by adding another broad audience, I  decided to leave the lookalike audience there just in case people came and didn’t purchase so I could retarget them later. What I failed to realise is that I didn’t have enough traffic, no email list so therefore I guess the algorithm didn’t have the data to work with.


And here are my results after my quick test spin.

graph showing my results
It’s obvious I’ve still got a lot to learn





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