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Where I’m currently at…

It’s been a slow few weeks since my last post, I’ve just been going to work and thinking, I haven’t even been listening to any podcasts like I usually do, I guess I just needed some time off to regain some spark in my step… I’ll just mention for the record, quitting isn’t an option for me as time is going to pass anyway and If there’s no seed in the ground there’s a 100% chance nothing will sprout.

Anyway, I’ve decided after much thinking that since I already have begun building both models and I have some websites just sitting there, not too mention I don’t know any better, I might attempt to work on both at the same time. I mean, why not… It’s a great chance to make my life even harder than it is… And I’m pretty sure that I’m completely underestimating what’s needed so I’m sure I will either realise quickly that I’m in the deep end and I can’t swim or I going to learn how to swim as quick as I can before sinking.

So let’s find out how quick I can swim.

First up I’ve been looking for examples of successful dropshipping stores and I’ve been analysing what they are doing…

Next post I will show where I’m at in detail…




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