The Struggle of Self Doubt

I have to be honest, I got off work early on Friday, been really motivated to get something done all weekend, but it appears I just feel a bit lost for some reason,  I’m struggling with a lot of self doubt, everything feels pointless.

See, I kind had already begun my journey before I had the idea to begin blogging here

So I actually have a few ideas already in motion, the first idea was a Sensory Store, (Did I mention my Son is Autistic? which is a major challenge in itself)  so my idea was to open up a shop within the sensory toys niche to compliment our current lifestyle.

I bought a domain and built a website but then realised I had no money for stock or any experience with buying it, so that began another idea where I thought possibly I could learn dropshipping and open up a dropshipping store to gain experience and eventually save up enough profit to buy some stock for our sensory store idea… It seemed so simple in my mind.

So I built yet another website to focus on the dropshipping side of things which appeared easy enough.

This is the website venture I was working on when I come across that lead generation video I spoke about in a previous blog post…That’s what lead me to this entire idea altogether.

So here I am sitting here with a finished dropshipping store already setup, and now I also have a 99% finished lead gen/ rank and rent page setup.

I don’t know how to recover this at the moment, that’s why I’m here  writing this down hoping maybe it will help. Maybe I’ve put myself under too much pressure, maybe I’m not cut out for this? I wish I knew the answer… How can I get outta this mindstate?  arrrrghh,

Hmm, let’s browse Twitter,  bad idea, now it’s even worse,  It feels like everyone is succeeding except me right now.

I think about going back to work tomorrow, then the anxiety kicks in and I feel even more pressured to get something done… it feels like I’ve lost the map, I have no direction.

I check my first rank and rent site I built, still hasn’t moved in Google rankings. I’m losing hope… maybe this entire idea is just dumb… Maybe I should try dropshipping again? no, maybe I should start a lawnmowing business, maybe I should detail cars…maybe I should just give up and keep working this job I hate… I keep thinking these useless loops…

Arrrrrgghhggh, I feel like I’ve got so much  potential, why does it feel like it’s impossible to make a living off. Why can’t I make this happen. All I want is my time back. My day job is stealing my life off me.

I need to gather some hope from somewhere, how do others cope with this…Maybe there’s something wrong with me as It seems so easy for others… Or that’s what their Facebook ads lead us to believe.  You know the whole “I’ll show you how I made 10k in 60 days” types of ads.

It’s a funny thing, lots of people talk about their successes and how they made however much in this short amount of time etc, but noone really mentions the loneliness that you feel whilst getting things started. As if the self doubt isn’t bad enough, we have everyone elses, family and friends doubts on our back also…

Maybe I should just take the rest of the day off and see what happens. I assume this is a normal thing that most of us go through at some point.  I’m just all round feeling a bit burnt out with life in general to be honest….

I’m going to leave it at that for the time being, I’ll see how I feel later…





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